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First Lady Mary Jones

 Mary Jones attended Matthew Gilbert High School and culminated her education at Florida Community College in Jacksonville, Florida. She is married to Bishop Virgil C. Jones, Sr., and they are the parents of Latisa (Kevin) McKenzie; Aaron (Stephanie); Virgil, Jr. (LaStocia), and Jermel (Courtney) Jones along with 8 grandchildren.

Lady Mary Jones received Jesus Christ as her personal Savior in 1977. She accepted Christ after witnessing the life changing impact Christianity had upon Virgil C. Jones, Sr., who later became her husband. Shortly after Lady Jones received salvation many gifts were in operation.

First Lady Jones became a member of Faust Temple Church of God in Christ along with her husband. Later, they moved their membership to the newly founded Philippian Community Church. Her years of service in the Duval County school system have been beneficial in the church Sunday School Department. She had a great zeal to evangelize and share the gospel. She shared the good news throughout the campus of colleges, in shopping centers, and several neighborhoods in Jacksonville. The Lord highly anointed Lady Jones and found favor to elevate her to a higher calling.

During the inception of Philippian Community Church, Lady Jones was a vital worker in the ministry. She served as a mentor for the new converts and was extensively involved in the follow-up ministry. On many occasions, she provided temporary shelter to those who were in need.

First Lady Jones, Camp Administrator, is a hard worker who strives for excellence. Her love for children is clearly demonstrated in her efforts to sponsor the PCC Summer Camp program. The children of our ministry and the community are very excited about the activities being offered. In addition, she has accomplished one of her mission by providing nurturing instructions and activities for the youth. She has been instrumental in establishing Vacation Bible School, the Back to School Rally, the Adopt-A-Child program, tutoring, special activities honoring graduating high school seniors, and a host of other activities that have been a tremendous success.

She is a virtuous woman who is known for her strength, perseverance, and diligence for the work of God. She is constantly at her husband's side providing assistance in whatever area needed. She continues to encourage the believers to be secure in their faith and walk with God.

First Lady Jones ministers to women around the world sharing the triumph and trials of being a first lady. Her heartfelt testimony encourages the Body of Christ. In April 2004, Lady Jones was a guest speaker at the Multicultural Gospel Faith Service Conference in Taegu, South Korea. As she began to minister, many were in awe over the anointing and gifts that were in operation. The Shekinah glory filled the house and she blessed many with words of encouragement. Bishop shared with PCC about the awesome service and said that he had never seen his wife minister like that. He proceeded to share the testimony of how Lady Jones witnessed to two young ladies while they were out shopping and invited them to attend the services. Both ladies came to the services and received Jesus as their personal Savior. At first, fear gripped Lady Jones' heart about ministering in South Korea, but when she opened her mouth “Oh, my God” the Lord began to speak. She encouraged those that were fearful to go forth, even in fear. Guided by the Holy Ghost, she operates with a prophetic anointing and has an awesome gift of discernment.

She has been graced to minister at Women Conferences in Jacksonville and Tallahassee, Florida; Atlanta, Georgia, and Raleigh, North Carolina. As chairman of the Women's Department at Philippian Community Church, she coordinates the Annual Women's Conference, which is held in October. Each year, the service is elevated to another level of anointing. First Lady Jones firmly believes that where there is Unity, there is Strength!

Bishop and First Lady Jones have been guests of the TBN Network on several occasions. Eye hath not seen, nor ears have heard the things God has in store for his people.

Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies.” (Proverbs 31:10)