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Bishop Lawrence C. Callahan Sr.

Bishop Lawrence C. Callahan Sr. 1945 - 2001

Bishop Lawrence C. Callahan Sr.
1945 - 2001

Lawrence C. Callahan, Sr. was born on February 20, 1945 in Palatka, FL.  When he was ten, the eldest of the Callahan children was killed and his mother decided it was time to leave Palatka and move to Jacksonville.  This move would later prove to be part of God’s providential plan for Lawrence Callahan’s life; though at the time, he despised it.  After moving to the new city, he attended the local schools, graduated from college, married and started a family. 
After completing high school, he later attended Edward Waters College in Jacksonville, Florida, where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Education. As a college student, he met Delores Douglas.  On September 22, 1967, they were united in holy matrimony and later gave birth to two sons, Lawrence Charles, Jr. and Carlos Troy.
While watching the Ernest Angsley Hour on Sunday, February 29, 1976, Lawrence C. Callahan, Sr. received Christ.  Immediately following his conversion, the Lord sent him back to his family’s church, Faust Temple COGIC where he was called to the ministry and preached his trial sermon May 21, 1976. 
In just three short years, he was led by the Holy Spirit to start a church. The church officially began on November 25, 1979, at 8929 Yeoman Drive with Minister Virgil Jones, Sr. and a group of teenagers.
The church quickly outgrew the Callahan residence. Bishop Callahan noticed a structure on Clyde Drive, and as an act of faith, laid hands on the building, praying that it would one day house Philippian Community Church. In March 1980, the funds were raised to secure the building. Very shortly thereafter, Bishop Callahan left his job at Maxwell House-General Foods and devoted himself to full time ministry. The ministry was abundantly blessed and grew in God’s favor. In September, 1980, Delores Callahan accepted Christ and joined her husband in ministry.
The ministry prospered with the membership growing rapidly and souls being touched. Bishop Callahan presented plans to build a 1,200 seat facility. This vision was manifested on February 16, 1986, when the church left Clyde Drive and relocated to 7578 New Kings Road. It was at this time that the ministry continued its growth and began to reach the world via radio, television, print and evangelism.
Bishop Callahan orchestrated oversee the building of the Upper Room Prayer Tower; state-of-the-art multi-purpose facility; bookstore and an almost 8,000-square foot sanctuary expansion. He parlayed his experiences into 5 books and six musical recordings.
On January 16, 2001, it was the Lord’s good pleasure to take from this life and welcome into his glorious presence, Bishop Lawrence C. Callahan, Sr.